BJP KCR JaganIt is no secret that every political party spends a sizeable budget on PR and advertisement. In accordance, the ruling party of India, BJP had spend a whopping Rs 313.7 crore on advertising in 2021-22.

The saffron party had spent Rs 164 crore on ads, Rs 36 core on hoardings and cutouts, Rs 7 crore on electronic media and Rs 22 crore on print media, along with other advertising stuff through audio content and video content. The tally rounds up to Rs 313 crore.

BJP spent another Rs 117 crore on air travel and Rs 5 crore on boarding and hotels. The total travel expenditure including other costs is Rs 133 crore.

The ruling party of Telangana, TRS informed the ECI that they had spent Rs 7.21 crore on advertising and another 56 lahks on election expenses.

The ruling party of Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP, stated in the report that they didn’t spend a single rupee on advertising. The party added that Rs 30 lakh was spent on election expenditure while they received RS 60 crore in electoral bonds and Rs 20 crore from the electoral trust.