Offensive campaigning helped TRS majority increase!Warangal by-election had registered a dip of 9% voting percentage from the 2014 election. But the ruling TRS party improved its majority than that of the 2014 majority. Even the ruling party did not expect this kind of thumping majority.

A deep introspection in to the election result, reveal that opposition parties in fact helped the ruling party in the election. Telangana people have their apprehensions over the opposition parties – Congress for delaying Telangana, TDP is seen as an Andhra Party while BJP as its supporter. All the opposition parties instead of portraying government failures, took an offensive route hurling abuses on KCR and the ruling party.

People seem to have taken these abuses as an attack on Telangana since the sentiment is still strong enough. And that prompted them to forget about the government failures and impart thumping majority for the ruling party.