October-Tension-For-JaganPrashant Kishor’s I-PAC had started ground-level surveys for YSR Congress in all districts. They are primarily focused on gauging the performance of the MLAs and the mood of the public over the government.

Already there is a big list of non-performing MLAs. Jagan already spoke to them and gave them time till October for course correction.

They are expected to reach out to the public with the Gadapa Gadapaku program and make necessary corrections.

We are told that around half of the MLAs are in poor and moderately performing categories.

In case they do not change, they will have to be replaced. But then, replacing the sitting MLAs is not easy. They will use their clout and making life hell for the new incharges.

That will lead to group politics and more trouble for the party with signicant amount of anti-incumbency already troubling the party.