NY Plane CrashA fatal plane crash in New York has resulted in an Indian family suffering a tragedy. The tragic incident happened after a sightseeing plane crashed 25 miles away from the John F Kennedy International airport.

A plane carrying mother-daughter duo, Roma Gupta(63), Reva Gupta (23), and a 23 year old pilot crashed after a mayday call following a smoke incident inside the cockpit.

Roma died on spot following the crash and the otter two are currently being treated at hospital and they are with severe burns all over the body.

The plane took from Long Island, and while it was roughly 25 miles from the John F Kennedy airport, there was heavy smoke inside the cockpit. The fully trained pilot couldn’t bring the plane fully under control and that eventually resulted in a clash.

The plane had recently completed two full body checks and was deemed clear to fly. Investigators are now validating the possible reasons behind the clash.