woman-using-smartphone-on-the-table-free-video-Cyber scams are taking new twists and turns every passing day. The latest entry to the list is nude video calls from women and subsequently harassment for money. Here’s a brief report on the same.

Of late, we are hearing more cases of nude video calls scam. First, men receive a few texts and snaps on WhatsApp and other texting platforms. Then comes the interesting part.

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These men are lured into having nude video calls with unknown women. Those who enter the trap and get on these video calls are then finding themselves in deep trouble.

When men enter the nude video calls with these women, the entire session is recorded and screenshots are taken. These men are then threatened by the culprits, saying these videos of them in video calls with nude women will be shared to their family and also uploaded on YouTube.

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The men then end up paying thousands and even lakhs of rupees to these cyber frauds. This is becoming increasingly prevalent in Hyderabad now.

Incidentally, a Hyderabad man fell prey to this scam very recently and he ended up shelling out Rs 5 lakh to the culprits. A police case was then filed against the scamsters.

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Men are better off being aware of this new nude video calls scam which is looting a whole lot of money from their pockets.