NTR - The Only Hope Of YSR Congress?Telugu Desam Party is cornering Jagan Mohan Reddy on the bad finances of the state. TDP Senior leader Payyavula Keshav who is the best orator and subject-oriented person in the party has suddenly become active and cornered the Government in just two Press meets.

Payyavula who is the PAC Chairman pointed out at missing 41,000 Crore and 25,000 Crore from state account books keeping the center and the state assembly in dark. He further threatened to go to Delhi and talk to the Central Government about the same. If these issues go to Delhi, the government will be embarrassed and going forward may find it difficult to get loans.

Naturally, the Ruling Party wants to divert the issue to some other topic and push TDP on the back foot. The Ruling Party has brought the issue of Junior NTR to the limelight and is trying to corner the Cycle Party. The other day, Sakshi and other YSR Congress supporting media have aired programs about a couple of NTR favoring flags in Chandrababu’s Machilipatnam tour.

Today, YSR Congress social media teams are trending the #EndOfTDP hashtag with the same issue as the primary agenda. It looks like the ruling party is running out of issues to corner the Opposition. But then, the issue of NTR exists for TDP for a long time. The issue can be a distraction but may not be a breaking point for TDP.