NTR & Sachin Experienced the Same PainGarikapati Narasimha Rao has become quite popular these days as all his comments have some repercussions or the other. A few days back, he slammed Pushpa for the way a smuggler played by Allu Arjun was showcased in the film.

Now, he is news once again by making comments on Sachin Tendulkar and Jr. NTR. Garikapati in his speech says that the fans have put so much pressure on NTR to act in a specific way and do roles only which they like.

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He says that NTR is a great performer and should be allowed to grow as an actor and do varied roles in films. Adding further, he said that Sachin Tendulkar also faced the same pain as he was also under pressure to perform all the time.

Even if a small scratch did Tendulkar have, the nation would go tense as if there is no player in the country, he said. In a way he says that sportspersons and actors should be let free of pressure and they would perform to their best.

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