TDP-ChandrababuA small section of NTR fans always try to create rift between NTR supporters and Telugu Desam Party. This time they are targeting Chandrababu Naidu’s comments in Unstoppable show Promo.

In the promo, Naidu mentions how he and YSR were good friends during their college days. This section of NTR fans are finding fault about Naidu’s comments.

“Just imagine if NTR says he is a friend of Jagan or Kodali Nani. If TDP supporters do not spare that, they should not spare Chandrababu for these comments,” they are saying.

But then, these people are missing a simple logic here. Naidu’s comment about YSR is a political nicety. The whole world knows how they are rivals politically all their lives. At the same time, Chandrababu is trying to be nice to YSR because he is no more.

The issue of NTR and Kodali Nani is different. A section of TDP fans are angry with NTR because Kodali Nani is trying to shoot TDP from the shoulders of NTR always. Also because it was NTR who promoted Nani in Politics. For some reason, a vast majority of people still believe NTR and Kodali Nani are in talking terms.

Also, they feel NTR being a beneficiary of Nandamuri legacy should not try to be politically correct when it comes to issues like Bhuvaneshwari, NTR University etc.

While this section of TDP supporters are also unreasonable with NTR in some occasions, NTR fans can not use Chandrababu as counter because the whole world knows the Political rivalry between Chandrababu and YSR/Jagan.