NTR Fans Blame Lokesh: Senseless Logic!A few days ago, a video of a fan at Chenna Keshava Reddy special screening abusing Junior NTR went viral on the social media.

The other day, a woman farmer in Amaravati Padayatra making harsh comments on Junior also went viral.

Antifans of NTR are making a merry on these abuses and making the videos viral. YSR Congress supporters are taking special interest in spreading these videos.

Junior fans are reporting to Duty and are abusing TDP, Chandrababu, Lokesh, and even the cause of Amaravati Farmers.

They are alleging that Chandrababu and Lokesh are planting such abuses on Junior and are intentionally targeting him.

TDP and Balakrishna will have Lakhs of supporters. They will naturally have their opinions and some of them can go out of control.

It is not just the case of TDP and Balakrishna fans. There are scores of NTR fans who abuse Chandrababu and TDP almost on par with YSR Congress.

It is nonsense if some one claims that Junior NTR is making them do such comments. In the process, people on both sides are walking into the trap of YSR Congress and helping their agenda.