NSG Reviews Chandrababu Naidu's SecurityFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is touring the districts of Andhra Pradesh. His tours and road shows are getting stunning reception from the people.

Some miscreants of other parties are joining the crowd and are pelting objects at Chandrababu Naidu in order to defame him and portray it as public backlash in media and social media.

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In the wake of such incidents, NSG has reviewed the security arrangements of Naidu in the party headquarters in Mangalagiri.

They inspected Chandrababu’s chamber and the vehicles being used by Chandrababu for district tours.

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NSG has recommended the erection of a six-foot unbreakable fiberglass to cover the former Chief Minister’s height to prevent any attacks.

Chandrababu Naidu’s district tours will continue until the elections. From January, the plan is to have Lokesh doing his Padayatra from one end of the state and Naidu doing roadshows from another end. The idea is to stay on the roads until the election schedule is announced.

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