Air India JudgeRecently, an NRI’s unruly behavior on an Air India flight created quite a stir. The man, identified as Ratnakar Dwivedi, was traveling from London to Mumbai.

Initially, the Air India staff realized he was smoking in the toilet and tried to stop him. Following this, the man started abusing the staff and shouting at other passengers. He even tried to open the craft’s door.

Obviously, this left other passengers scared. Despite their pleas, Dwivedi did not stop trying to open the door. Unable to control him with words, the Air India staff tied his hands and legs and made him sit in his chair.

Once the plane landed, the staff handed him to airport security. Later, Dwivedi was taken to Mumbai court, and the judge granted him bail following a payment of Rs 25,000 as per the 1937 rulebook.

However, Dwivedi argued that he had read the rules on the Internet and said the bail for such an offense was Rs 250. He refused to budge from his stand and said he would prefer to go to jail. An obviously irritated judge then ordered him to be taken to jail.