Sridhar Raavi | February 5, 2017 at 4:53 pm |

NRI Techies Cancel All Holiday Plans to India

NRI Techies Cancel All Holiday Plans to IndiaNRI Techies who are in the USA are suddenly in a dilemma after the new President, Donald Trump is tightening the Immigration Laws. With the speculations of possible deporting, many techies are not daring to travel to India. According to Prominent travel agencies say that as many as 9000 passengers to and from the US have canceled their air tickets since last month.

Techies are a worried lot and there are frantic calls to Attornies and Law firms about possible implications of the new rules. Donald Trump who recently took the reins from Obama is keen on having all the jobs to the locals and thereby cracking the whip on immigrants.

With these rules, there is panic all over and there are rumours cropping up every day creating more tension. As of now, there are no significant incidents reported on Indians except some random questioning by authorities.

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