Now Or Never: KCR Should Step Down?If Huzurabad By-election is any indication, strong winds of anti-incumbency are blowing against KCR Circar in Telangana. There are signs of that ever since the Parliament elections but TRS has been taking it lightly and now has paid a hefty political price.

KCR has close to two years to make amends but then, things can go either way. Now, TRS supporters are worried if this can delay KTR‘s coronation. With TRS’s victory in 2023 not certain, they are worried if the wait gets so long and so uncertain for KTR.

Some of them have started discussions if KCR have to vacate the Chair immediately and accommodate KTR’s dream. They even argue that such an arrangement may give some fresh perception about the Government and may even change the mood of the Public.

But then, political experts say that can be very dangerous since dynastic politics may not be entertained by the public when anti-incumbency is on a high.