Now, Jagan Government to Sell Government BuildingsAndhra Pradesh Government seems to be desperate for money for its Welfare Schemes. After exhausting all the chances for borrowings and with no wealth generation possibilities in sight, the Government is resorting to the sale of properties to pool in the funds. We already knew how the Government is in the process of identifying Government lands to auction them.

According to a report in Praja Shakthi, the Government is also gearing up to sell R&B Guest Houses, Welfare Hostels, and Government Residential Complexes. Officials were asked to send a detailed report of such assets including their current market values.

The irony is that the Jagan Government is doing the sale under the name of Build AP. This is a dangerous game because this will only increase the burden of the Government as the officials have to stay in hotels going forward. But the Government seems to be focused only on going forward for now.

Meanwhile, the Government is rolling freebies as if there is no tomorrow. There are even instances of the Government finding it difficult to pay salaries and pensions on time.