YS-Jagan-KCRThe war between the center and the Telangana government is still on. The Union Rural Development ministry has confirmed that the rural employment guarantee funds have been diverted to unauthorized schemes in Telangana.

The ministry has issued notices to the Telangana government. The notices said if the diverted funds of Rs 152 crore are not paid, further installments are likely to be suspended.

It is clear that the political rivalry between BJP and TRS is panning out as a war between the central government and the state government.

Previously, a similar issue happened in Andhra Pradesh as well. The issue landed up in court and the central government is also made a party in the case.

The High Court established the diversion of funds by the Andhra Pradesh Government and the Central Government also admitted to the same.

But the Central Government never troubled the Jagan government like this and always cooperated with Jagan in AP.

“It is like notices for KCR and roses for Jagan,” TRS supporters are criticizing.