Pawan-Kalyan-AssetsPawan Kalyan completed the major step for his political epoch. He submitted the nomination form for his contest in a couple of constituencies and to look at the assets information that he produced at the EC, looks like the Gabbar Singh has nothing but debts.

According to his report, the actor has about 32 crores debts which he took from his contacts from the film industry which includes his close friend Trivikram who lent 2.40 crores. Most of them are apparently, the advance pays that Pawan took from the production houses. Well, even Chiranjeevi’s wife Surekha gave him about two crores for the brother-in-law.

Also, he is due to pay 56 Lakhs to the government itself. So the star now has only crores of debts(which is just one film deal for the hero) and some crazy followers. This buzz is just making a lot of noise over social media with debates on the honesty of the actor turned politician. Both, positive and negative. Which side are you on?