Notes Ban Turned out as a Joke on This Poor MotherThe intensity of suffering of a common man is increasing day by day. Yesterday a mother who stood in line for hours at a bank in Lucknow for the exchange of Rs 2000, was given a bag of ‘2000’ 1 rupee coins in exchange.

This mother went to get the money for her son who is being diagnosed with abdominal cancer which is in the last stage. She is a widow and has not enough money to treat her son. On top of that, the money that she has, she isn’t able to use due to demonetization.

Now she goes to the bank to get her money exchanged and all she gets is more burden to carry. Though she got the money that can be used, no one accepts it as it a heap of coins and no one has time to count all the money.

Some say it is the mistake of the banker who gave 2000 in the form of coins, some say it is all because of Modi’s decision and some say people out are so insensitive that they don’t accept the coins from this poor lady. After all, all this struggle of the nation would be worth it, if the plan for the demolition of black money shows some results.