YSRCP MPs Resignation May 15th - YS Jagan  -YSR Congress Party The Sudden Decision to ban the Existing 500 and 1000 Notes has hit like a Thunderbolt to those who hoarded big amounts of Cash. True to the Trolls in Social Media, mysteriously Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has disappeared and is yet to make a single comment on the decision or its after effects.

Suddenly, the absence has become the talk everywhere and people were suspicious that Jagan was very disturbed with the Notes Ban. Sakshi Newspaper which would fill up its Front Page with the statements or schedules of Jagan did not carry anything. Sensing the public mood, Jagan took up coverup remedies.

He called for a meeting of his MPs and announced that they should resign on May 15th if the Center does not announce Special Status by then. This came as a shock for the MPs. Elections, particularly in the Telugu States, are extremely costly and in this condition where there is a severe cash crunch, things are going to be extremely difficult.

Even the parties in the states going for elections are very much worried because of this and on the other side, Jagan is inviting trouble all himself. Usually, in byelections, ruling parties will be at advantage and can mobilize funds. Opposition Parties are already in funds crunch and now this Notes Ban will have severe effects. So, Jagan’s coverup seems to be very costly for MPs who will keep their 2 years term at risk. And then Jagan even today did not comment on the Notes Ban issue.