Not_Leaders_TDP_Cadre_Giving_Sleepless_Nights!Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu started his district tours. He addressed a public meeting in Chodavaram the other day and the meeting saw a huge attendance by the locals and TDP cadres.

TDP has sought the local government school ground for the meeting but the officials did not respond until the last minute.

A few farmers who were TDP sympathizers came forward to offer their agriculture plots for the meeting.

Even though it was delayed till the last minute, still the meeting was a huge success.

Only in the last month, has TDP‘s Mahanadu in Ongole become a huge success.

Even in that case, the government tried to create as many troubles as possible but the cadre made it a success.

Two back-to-back successes infused energy in TDP and also started worrying YSR Congress.

Intelligence reports are that even more than the leaders, it is the cadre who are taking things seriously with elections fast approaching.

The government is able to muzzle the leaders with force but it is not going to be the case with the party cadre who are proving to be tough nuts to crack.

Meanwhile, Chandrababu is going to tour two districts every month and will have a public meeting in every district for the next few months.