bhumana-karunakara-reddySeveral Media Reports indicate that noose is getting tightened on Former Tirupati MLA and Senior YSR Congress Leader, Bhumana Karunakara Reddy in Tuni Arson case. AP CID is able to connect all the dots in the case after questioning Bhumana, No.1 Channel MD Sudhakar Naidu and Bhumana’s Friend, Meher Kumar. According to the reports, Bhumana went to Kakinada and Tuni 10 days before Kapu Gharjana meeting and met Mudragada Padmanabham.

The meeting happened in the coconut farm where Kapu Gharjana happened. Even though the area is not suitable to such huge congregation, it was selected because of its proximity to National Highway and Tuni Railway Station. CID also got the call details of the YSR Congress Leader and got some valuable information from that.

Bhumana also sent some of his Party cadres to Tuni days before the Kapu Gharjana meeting who CID is of the opinion played a crucial role in the arson that followed. CID sleuths also came to a conclusion that the financial help and the help to procure the drones used in the meeting came from Hyderabad and suspect that Bhumana facilitated all that.

It is said that Bhumana did not co-operate with them and tried to make political allegations on the CID during the questioning. In the third day of questioning, Bhumana was questioned for about 8 hours. Bhumana may be called for questioning once again and Political Circles are abuzz that very soon a decision on Bhumana’s arrest may be taken. No.1 Channel MD Sudhakar Naidu was asked to attend for questioning once again on 23rd of this month.