biometric-attendanceThe Aadhar enabled biometric attendance revealed interesting things about the Government employees of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. Going by the data, employees in AP come to office earlier than in Telangana state. And to compensate that, Telangana government employees leave office later in the evening.

The average ‘in’ time in AP is 9.40 am and in TS it is 10.27 am. The average ‘out’ time in AP is 5.13 pm while it is 5.43 pm in Telangana state. But then there are further disappointing things. The average attendance in the past 30 days over the biometric system showed 33 per cent in AP and average attendance in Telangana is equally bad or even worse.

The officials tried to brush down the issue saying that the server was failing sometimes due to connectivity problems and this was resulting in less attendance being recorded. Jharkhand is the first state to implement Aadhar enabled biometric attendance. AP picked it up second and Telangana is doing that now.