KCR  falling in Modi's lineTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao called Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘Bodi’ and ‘Fascist’. However the Prime Minister is now a too powerful man to be ignored. Months after ignoring Modi’s SWachh Bharat, the Telangana Chief Minister seem to be finally falling in line with Modi and announced the launch of Swachh Hyderabad program from may 16th. He even announced a whopping 1000 Crore fund for the program.

The city is to be divided into 400 segments and each with a 1.5 km radius will be headed by an official who will be held responsible for the cleanliness of the area. The chief minister, the governor, the state chief secretary, ministers and elected representative will be made the head of the segments. Government is planning to involve responsible citizen in this drive by having a committee with 15 responsible citizens from the area in each segment. They will work with the designated official bringing the total number of people leading the drive in the city to 6,000.

An awareness drive on the programme will be launched on May 6. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation will play a bigger role in this program by supporting the efforts with men and material. The Chief Minister is planning an meeting with representatives from television channels and print media on May 6 to discuss his plans for development of the city and to seek suggestions from them.