Vijaya Sai Reddy Padayatra for Vizag steel plantRuling Party in Andhra Pradesh – YSR Congress is still not figuring out how to move forward on the issue of the Vishaka Steel Plant Privatization. The party is only keen on blaming the opposition TDP about the issue which will take the issue nowhere.

The party’s General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP, Vijayasai Reddy took to Twitter and wished people on the foundation day of the Vishaka Steel Plant. He assured that YSR Congress will help the employee unions in the fight against Privatization.

Everything is so good so far. But then, he added that people should choose between YSR Congress Steel Resolve and Chandrabu’s Scrap Politics. No people of AP do not need either of that, the issue will be resolved only when Jagan and Chandrababu come together and work for the people.

The Central Government will feel the heat only when all the political parties will come together and work. If that does not happen, everything amounts to scrap politics only.