Kondeti-Chittibabu-YSRCP-MLAYSR Congress MLAs are continuously facing the ire of the public in the Gadapa Gadapaku program. This time it is the turn of Gannavaram (East Godavari) MLA Kondeti Chittibabu.

“You promised to lay the road as soon as you come to power. It has been three years now,” a woman angrily questioned the MLA in Garuvu of Mosalapally.

She asked this while the MLA was presenting the list of welfare schemes offered by the YSR Congress government in the Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Govt program on Thursday.

The MLA struggled to answer the woman and left there silently.

The MLA has been explaining the government schemes from house to house.

Several women in the area brought to the MLA’s attention that there are no roads or drinking water in the local new colony.

They also demanded the construction of a drainage system to remove the sewage.

The MLA listened to the problems raised by the people and moved forward.

Chittibabu won from the Gannavaram constituency with a whopping 22K votes majority in the 2019 elections.