No Rest, all work for Telangana AssemblyTelangana Assembly adjourned for today after paying homage to Ramreddy Venkatreddy, the Congress MLA who expired recently. After the BAC meeting, it was decided that the current Budget session will go on till 29th of this month. The Assembly will also work on Saturday and Sunday with out holidays.

Finance Minister Eetela Rajendra will be presenting the Budget for 2016-17 on 14th of this month. The Assembly will have three holidays on 15,23 and 25th. In order to make sure the question hour is not interrupted, the government announced that adjournment motions will be taken in to consideration after question hour every day.

The opposition parties have found fault with the government trying to finish of the business quickly with out discussing all the issues. Finally the government agreed to have BAC meeting on 29th and extend the session by 2-3 days if needed. The house will discuss Governor’s speech tomorrow and day after.