No Respite From Powercuts In AP?Andhra Pradesh is grappling from never before seen powercuts in the last couple of months. The government has come under severe criticism for bringing powercuts to a state which was power surplus three years ago.

Ministers repeatedly assured that the issue is going to be solved by this month-end. But it looks like that is quite unlikely.

We are already in the end of April. For the last one week to 10 days, the powercuts have only increased in Andhra Pradesh. That means the problem is only getting worse.

The coal supply did not get better. It is not possible to improve the power generation from Renewable sources. The government lacks funds to purchase power from open market and power exchanges.

While the power per unit is trading at 12 Rupees, AP Government is not bidding more than 6-8 Rupees. Considering all this, the situation is unlikely to get better in May, sources say.

People are undergoing severe hardships as temperatures are just unbearable this summer.