YS Avinash Reddy The CBI has already implied that YS Avinash Reddy is believed to be the main perpetrator in the Viveka murder case.

Avinash has now got his mother involved in this as he’s claiming his mother is unwell and he’s having to be with her and that’s why he’s unable to attend the CBI investigation.

He had filed a bail petition in the High Court and here’s a new update on the same.

The court didn’t bring the case to hearing today as there were other cases were tended to.

The High Court then stated that the case cannot come to hearing today as it will take a few hours and there wasn’t as much time left in today’s session.

So for today, there isn’t any respite to Avinash.

The case will come to hearing at 10:30 AM tomorrow and there could be some substantial progress on the same.

The anticipatory bail petition was filed in April but there is no judgement on the same till now. Meanwhile, Avinash has been skipping the CBI investigation citing one reason or the other.