No Recce, Just A Drunken Brawl @ PK's HouseThe incident at Pawan Kalyan‘s residence in Hyderabad has been the talking point for the past couple of days. A gang, traveling in two cars was questioned by Jubilee Hills police after they were caught at Pawan’s residence. Pawan’s followers opined it was a recce operation by opponents.

The police have now issued an official notice on the matter and they have confirmed that there was no such thing as a recce at Pawan’s house.

“What happened at Pawan Kalyan’s residence wasn’t a recce. It was not an attack or a recce planned to hurt Pawan Kalyan. The three individuals had stationed their car in front of Pawan’s residence. When the security team asked, the three men, who were in a drunken state responded in a harsh manner.” the statement from the police read.

It is also added that what happened that night was a drunken fight between three intoxicated men and Pawan’s security personnel. The three men were served police notices.