No Rajya Sabha seat for BJP in Andhra PradeshAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu seem to be aware of the political consequences that may arise due to allotting a Rajya Sabha MP seat to BJP as the anger due to center’s apathy is hitting the roof in AP. In the media meet after Naidu’s Delhi visit, media asked if he will be giving one seat to his alliance partner.

Naidu interestingly said that there is no such proposal and the issue did not even come up in the meeting with the Prime Minister. This admission by Naidu may be an indication that all the three seats will go to TDP this time. BJP Parliamentary Board is meeting tomorrow to discuss Rajya Sabha seats allocation.

After the meeting, Amit Shah may come up with the proposal to renominate Nirmala Sitharaman from TDP quota. She is already a Union Minister after TDP got her the seat. She only got two years term as the seat fell vacant due to the death of Nedurumalli Janaradhan Reddy. Some say Naidu is trying to bring BJP top brass for bargain with this statement.