kcr family with sonia gandhiIt is known that Telangana government had revised the text books of the state with the emphasis on state culture and separate state agitation. The expert committee who revised the syllabus included a 14 pages lesson on KCR and his participation in the agitation and Telangana cause.

However the text books totally ignored Sonia Gandhi under whose leadership the Central government passed the Telangana bill in Parliament. Telangana government defends it move by telling that if Sonia Gandhi had to be given credit.

Congress should also take the credit of being reason for many suicides in 1969 and 1000 suicides after going back from Telangana announcement in 2009. Telangana IT Minister KTR ridiculed Telangana Congress for such demands and offered to include every thing in the books from suicides to bill passing if they are ready to take both.