No, Pawan Kalyan This is Not VictoryThe First Review Meeting of Janasena Party after the disastrous results of the recent elections seems to have not done enough retrospection. Janasena Party just won one seat in the recent elections with Pawan Kalyan himself losing from Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka. This has come as a shock to the party supporters.

120 of the party candidates lost their deposits in 137 constituencies it has contested. The party could just manage a 5.35% Vote Share. Yet Pawan Kalyan has the audacity to term this as a victory since the party managed these many Lakhs of Votes just five years after its formation. Yes, Pawan Kalyan said this in the meeting.

He also blamed some strong forces which prevented Janasena’s Growth. But both these reasons do not explain the performance of Janasena which is not even up to the mark of Praja Rajyam Party in 2009. We consider Praja Rajyam Party as a failure and Janasena could not even manage a quarter of what Praja Rajyam did.

So, it is not a victory or Moral Victory as Janasenani claims. It is a failure on the party of Pawan Kalyan. He clearly failed to establish the party structure in these five years. He did not create confidence in the people that he is up to the challenge of Politics. His continuous flipflops on Political Agenda costed Janasena very dearly. Pawan Kalyan should not hide behind Fancy Terms like Moral Victory or Strong Forces Prevented Janasena’s Growth. Serious Retrospection is the need of the hour if Janasena has to survive.