Speaking about the Polavaram Project, he said that TRS will not let the Polavaram project continue by any means unless the design of the project is changed to something that favours Telangana. Regarding this project, the government has decided that Seven Mandals of Telangana have to be shifted to Seemandhra so that the project can be done efficiently. But KCR has strongly opposed this point and demanded that those seven Mandals will stay in Telangana, no matter what.

KCR said that government must first finish the projects in Telangana before continuing with the Polavaram project. The water required for projects in Seemandhra will not be provided unless the entire Telangana projects are completed. If at all any water remains after the completion of the project in Telangana, that water will be sent to Seemandhra, he said.

Coming to employment, KCR has warned that the employees of Seemandhra who are working in government sectors of Telangana have to leave and return to Seemandhra. Only Telangana employees will work in their government sectors and there is no way they will let Seemandhra people work in Telangana government sectors.

This is an unacceptable and an unethical speech from KCR. He is already trying to set differences between the Telugu people and make them hate each other. He also mocked Chandra Babu Naidu saying that he is just dreaming that TDP will win in Telangana. A politician can demand for justice but not by creating hatred among people.