ABN Vemuri Radhakrishna Andhra JyothyABN Radhakrishna‘s Open Heart With RK is the most popular Television show on News Channel. Even though the ABN channel has less reach, the program is keenly watched by the audience. The reason for it is none other than Radhakrishna himself.

Due to his popularity, RK manages to bring top celebrities and at the right time to his show. We have seen Sharmila coming to the show when the rumors about tiff with Jagan.

This week, he brought RGV who has been in the limelight with the ticket rates controversy. Unlike the usual anchors who tend to become subdued and humble in the presence of celebrities, RK does not do that. He remains so casual and also gets dominating on them at times.

At one point, that also looks like arrogance but that is the selling point of the show. We get to see the tinge of it in the RGV’s episode. He does not mince words to ask the director to keep his mobile aside and provoke him to the edge saying he fears Jagan.

A few months ago, we have seen him bring Mohan Babu to his show and tame the latter. He also pushed Mohan Babu to the edge and ensured that he dropped a hint about dissatisfaction with Jagan’s rule. Mohan Babu and RGV are known to be headstrong people and taking them head-on is not an easy task.