Telangana government seem to be moving forward and backward on the nativity determination in the micro level survey on 19th of this month. There is no nativity column in the survey format first prepared. Later the government included questions like “Which State are you from?”, “From how many years are you living in Telangana”, “What is your mother tongue?” in the recently prepared Survey format.

But after several controversies springing up from all quarters, government decided to drop the questions in the final format. Only the question “What is your mother tongue?” remained in the survey’s final format. It is known that Telangana government is keen to make sure that the benefits of welfare schemes of the government only reaches to those families living in the region even before 1956, the year the United State came in to existence.

Telangana government has taken up this survey seriously. Government hopes that this will make the correct data available for all the welfare schemes and the bogus can be eliminated. The government has declared a paid holiday on 19th of this month. Entire government machinery including the Police with out uniform will be deployed for conducting this survey which will be conducted across all the districts of Telangana in a single day.