No more TV interviews for Rahul Gandhi
Media interactions are quite common for film stars and Politicians. We get to see politicians who always stay in touch with media and give special interviews on a regular basis. But what can a bad TV interview do? Many times a bad TV interview can be corrected by a condemning state ‘Media had twisted my statement’. But Rahul Gandhi last week had delivered a dreadful interview which destroyed the morale of Congress cadre across the country. And in fact, it is Rahul Gandhi’s first wver TV interview.

The TV interview with Arnab Goswami made Rahul a laughing stock on media and web. It damaged the image of Congress Party and its inexperience Prime Minister candidate. It also ignited Sikhs on 1984 riots issue due to Rahul Gandhi’s answer. And no we hear that Sonia Gandhi is fuming in anger and had cancelled all TV interviews of Rahul before elections. He was supposed to be interviewed by Barkha Dutt on last Wednesday but was cancelled even though the TV crew had reached Gandhi’s residence.