No More Pawananna Ku Pranamistham, Jagananna Ku VotesthamBack in 2019, a sizeable section of Pawan Kalyan’s fans voted for YSRCP. A few felt Pawan wouldn’t stand a chance in the election anyway and they picked Jagan’s side. A few others who were firmly against Nandamuri family rather picked Jagan’s side.

These youth votes which were believed to be JanaSena’s swung towards Jagan’s party and helped it big time.

This is when “Pawan Annaku Pranam Istham Jagananna Ki Vote Vestham” slogans were on the raise. This trend hurt Pawan Kalyan big time and directly favoured YSRCP.

But that won’t the case this time around. YSRCP troops are terribly bad mouthing Pawan and are humiliating him in every possible way. There’s no way any of Pawan’s fans would pick Jagan’s side this time.

Also, this time Pawan will be trying to the best of his capabilities to make sure there are no swing votes.

The likes of Gudivada Amarnath, Ambati, Roja and others have abused Pawan Kalyan enough to make sure no follower of the latter will ever side with Jagan. From now on, we might not see any of Pawan-Jagan fans.