No-Matter-What,-Pawan-Kalyan-Will-be-KingmakerElections are done and dusted in Andhra Pradesh and the fate of the candidates is sealed in the EVMs. The EVMs will be opened only on May 23rd and the suspense will be revealed only on that day. While a triangular contest was expected in Andhra Pradesh, there is no talk about that now and the contest is on only between TDP and YSR Congress.

There are no hoped about Janasena Putting Up A Good Show in this election. Some hopeful fans of Pawan Kalyan are expecting him to be a Kingmaker if not King. Many even rule out that and say it will be a one-sided election either in TDP’s favor or YSR Congress’ way. But analysts say that Pawan Kalyan will be a Kingmaker no matter what.

“The winner in Andhra Pradesh election will depend on the Vote Bank Janasena dents. If it eats into the anti-government vote, it will benefit TDP and Chandrababu will get another term. If it eats into TDP’s Kapu vote, then YSR Congress will be the beneficiary and Jagan’s dream come true. In a way, Pawan Kalyan is already a Kingmaker,” an analyst says.

“Pawan Kalyan is a Kingmaker no matter what. The fact is now if he will be benefitted from the Kingmaker tag. If the Kingmaker is confined only to votes division, it will benefit Chandrababu or Jagan. If the Kingmaker leads to the situation of Janasena’s support needed for government formation, Pawan Kalyan will be benefitted,” the analyst added.