No Joke! FBI Warns Desis in New JerseyIt is known that Asian Americans are hard-working and like to save for tomorrow. They are among the most committed when it comes to running their businesses or at work. Now, the FBI has issued a warning to a particular ethnic group in New Jersey to be careful about their belongings and well-being.

Some highly organized criminal groups are said to be following the movements of the business owners and rich or well-to-do families. Once they identify their targets, they then stalk them and keep data as good as the police and then, on one fine day, plan the burglary. Needless to mention New Jersey is filled with Desis running multi million dollar businesses.

There have been growing numbers of reports of robberies in the Garden State by Asian American businessmen. Recently, there was a day light robbery in Indian jewelry store. The sophisticated gangs are said to be keeping an eye around the clock, being well aware of the opening and closing times.

Also, it is well-known across the US that Asian-Americans do not stack their cash in banks. Instead, they store it at home, and that’s the reason why they are breaking into houses to lay hands on huge piles of moolah.

The FBI has decided the time has come to warn the particular ethnic community as they feel there is a high potential for more burglaries. The FBI is now requesting the Asian community to keep their money and valuables in banks for their safety.

License-reader devices can be purchased to keep track of the license plate numbers on cars near their homes. The police have also said that these communities should install a security system and report anything odd or suspicious to the local police so that they can notify the FBI.