YS_Jagan_Government_AdvisorsThe Jagan-led Andhra Pradesh government often finds peculiar reasons to be reprimanded by the High Court. Here’s one such instance where the government is left in an embarrassment after a straight question from the court.

The high court asked the AP government the list of advisors, the departments they are associated with, and their salaries.

The government didn’t have an answer to this as they lost count of the total advisors they had appointed. They had appointed so many countless advisors for irrelevant departments since coming to power.

The government has now asked each administrative department to prepare the list of advisors and compile a final list to submit to the court.

There has always been a complaint that the Jagan government is wasting the public’s money on all these unnecessary advisory posts and their hefty salaries. More criticism is expected after the government sumits the final list to the government along with their salaries.