No Evidence of Insider Trading with the YSR Congress Government?YSR Congress has released a Video Presentation alleging insider trading by TDP Leaders in Amaravati. The Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, a few days ago, announced in the Assembly that TDP Leaders resorted to Insider Trading of 4069.91 acres in the Amaravati Capital Region.

The video is of 21 Minutes Duration and has allegations on everyone right from Chandrababu’s Heritage Foods to Lanka Dinakar, who was the Spokesperson of TDP back then (He is in BJP right now). YSR Congress has completed more than Seven Months in Power but the Insider Trading is still in allegations stage itself.

Interestingly, the Presentation was made by YSR Congress MLAs – Ambati Rambabu and Thopudurti Prakash Reddy but not the Government. “All these are allegations made out of thin air and so, the Government is not entering it. If the ruling party has guts, they should file a case and order investigation,” TDP Leaders challenge.

Meanwhile, Heritage Foods once again revealed that the allegations are not true and the lands the company holds are 20 Kms away from the Capital Region. The Company CEO also released a Press Note stating that they are going to initiate legal proceedings on these baseless allegations.