No Corona For YSR Jayanthi, Only Problem With Vinayaka Chaviti?AP Sadhu Parishad president Srinivasananda Saraswati Swamy has come down heavily on the Jagan government alleging that the Government is looking to destroy Hindu traditions in the state. On Sunday, he told the media that he was outraged that the Vinayaka Chaviti festival is being disrupted in the name of Corona.

“Why are conspiracies being hatched against Hindutva? No Corona during your father’s Jayanti celebrations? Why are the restrictions only for Hindu festivals? Did you consult at any Peetadipatis in imposing this decision?,” Srinivasananda Saraswati questioned CM Jagan.

“You have zero respect towards Hinduism. You go to Jerusalem with your entire family. Why have you never visited Hindu temples with family? This Government is trying to convert Andhra Pradesh into a Christian state. When there are no restrictions in Telangana, why such rules only in AP?” he asked.

“Government should allow the festival celebration or get ready to face the wrath of the devotees. It is surprising why Jagan’s Raja Guru, Sharada Peetam Swamiji is silent,” he said.