No Confidence Motion: How Will BJP Handle This?The No Confidence Motion introduced by TDP will be taken up for discussion in Loksabha today. BJP has numbers to sail through conveniently and the issue is only about how the saffron party will handle the allegations of injustice to Andhra Pradesh.

BJP can conveniently sing the old song of all promises being executed or in consideration saying that it is committed to Andhra Pradesh’s All Round Development. A line repeatedly taken up by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley previously.

On the other side, BJP State Leaders are hoping that the government will take the offensive right and make allegations on the State Government on the floor of the house which will shame Chandrababu Naidu nationwide which will weaken the Yellow Party in the State As Well.

But then, Central Government could not make baseless allegations on the floor of the house which will lead to more trouble. So, it has to be seen how BJP handles this. This is the first No Confidence Motion against Narendra Modi Government. In fact, it is the first No Confidence Motion admitted since 2003.