Congress government is now in a dilemma regarding the decision over the new CM. With logics supporting both, presidential rule over the state and establishment of government by appointing CM, the decision does not seem to be an easy one to make.

Although the governance won’t last for long, ministers from Seemandhra are determined to set up a government. They want that to happen because that is the only way to retain the image Congress has, in the country. On the other hand, presidential rule is also sensible. Given the fact that congress government cannot take decisions once the elections schedule is out, it is not advisable for congress to appoint a CM for such little time. If congress ministers need to regain power, they will have to reach out for people and that can be done only if they have their positions intact, hence an appeal for new CM. However, it looks like most politicians are in favour of presidential rule.

With the elections’ schedule drawing closer, what will be the future of this state? Will it continue with the presidential rule? Or will we see a new face in the Chief Minister’s seat? Well, only Sonia Gandhi knows that.