Andhra Pradesh RoadsRoads of Andhra Pradesh are literally showing the hell to the commuters. Even the most backward states in the country may not have roads as worse as Andhra Pradesh’s. Infrastructure creation or maintenance is the last priority of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy‘s Government.

So, this situation is very much on cards. After getting severe criticism, the Government is trying to make amends but then, no contractor in the state is coming forward to trust the government and take up these projects. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister held a Review meeting of the roads the other day.

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He instructed the officials to lay roads between December 2021 and June 2022. He asked them to lay roads on all the 46,000 Kilometers of roads across the country and make them like new. Without handpicked any road, he asked officials to take the entire 46,000 Kilometers roads as a single unit.

But then, social media Junta is not ready to buy these tall claims. Forget about relaying the roads, we will not trust the government even to repair all the roads. They are unanimously saying ‘Ninnu Nammam Jagan’.

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