YS-Jagan-YSRCPChief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy attended a workshop of the MLAs regarding the Gadapa Gadapaku program the other day at the CM Camp office.

In Jagan’s rule so far, MLAs have become namesake with no funds even for small works in their constituency.

The public is questioning them in the Gadapa Gadapaku program and so they are shying away from it.

Jagan tried to motivate the MLAs who are fearing to go to the people by saying that they will get funds very soon.

He tried to excite them saying that they will very soon get funds to the tune of 18 crores per constituency.

But then, the MLAs themselves are not in a position to buy this.

“The state is struggling to make both ends meet. 18 Crore per constituency means 3,150 Crore for all the 175 constituencies. We did not get a single rupee in three years. It is unlikely we will get anything,” they are saying.

The MLAs after the meeting met the leaders close to Jagan and placed a special request.

“Forget about MLA funds, please clear the bills of our leaders who worked for the party. Or they will not come out for campaign and electioneering in 2024,” they requested.

It is almost like the MLAs themselves are in ‘Ninnu Nammam Jagan’ mode.