Nikhil Blames Media but Why So Late?After the news broke out that young hero Nikhil is going to be engaged in the last week of August to a Hyderabadi girl Tejaswi, congratulatory messages poured out on social media and several celebrities also greeted him. Even then, Nikhil didn’t clarify on the rumours.

Later, another news started making rounds that his engagement to Tejaswi was called off because of unmatched horoscopes, he didn’t respond immediately though the actor has always been active on Twitter. He could have clarified in both the above occasions.

Now, he blames media and says that the media persons didn’t clarify before picking up some random girl’s name and publishing that name. In that case, why didn’t he condemn the rumors about his engagement when they started? Why did he come out leisurely and blaming the media, now?