New York Ganesh Temple Street PhotosIn Flushing, Queens County in New York, the famous Bowne street outside a well-known Ganesh temple has been co-named Ganesh Temple Street. This decision was taken in honor of the much-popular Hindu god of Shubharambh(beginnings).

After a special ceremony on Saturday to unveil the new street sign, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards tweeted, “Bowne Street in #Flushing is now also Ganesh Temple Street! What a day to celebrate”.

Last December, the New York City Council had approved the co-naming of Bowne Street, named after the leading American pioneer of the anti-slavery and religious freedom movement, John Bowne.

President Richards also shared a video of the unveiling of the street sign on his social media account. The crowd was cheering incessantly with the chants of praising the elephant-headed Hindu god.

“Congratulations to Dr. Uma Mysorekar and everyone at the Hindu Temple Society of North America for all they do to spiritually support our families and uplift the collective soul of #Queens,” he wrote.

The attendees at the event were the Consul General of India in New York, Dilip Chauhan, Randhir Jaiswal, Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation in the office of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and the Indian-American community members.

At a Baisakhi celebration event held later at the Indian Consulate, Randhir Jaiswal said that the co-naming was not just a commemoration but an acknowledgment of the milestones achieved through years of hard work.

Inaugurated on the 4th of July 1977, the temple was constructed using granite. It is entered through a gopuram gateway. It is touted to be the first Hindu Temple in North America.

Other than the main temple, there is also a community center complex that houses an auditorium, conference rooms, wedding halls, and a vegetarian canteen.