Hyderabad-Traffic-PoliceNew Year celebrations are just hours from now. In wake of the same, Hyderabad police have enforced a new set of traffic restrictions that will be in effect from 10 PM, 31 December to 2 AM, 1 January.

As per the new restrictions, no vehicles will be permitted on the NTR Marg, Necklace Road and the Upper Tank Bund. All the traffic heading towards these areas will be diverted to Nirankari Road and Raj Bhavan Road.

The traffic heading from Secunderabad to Tank Bund will be diverted to KattaMaisamm temple road.

Also, no vehicles will be permitted on the ORR apart from the vehicles heading to the airport. This will be in effect from 10 PM to 5 AM.

The traffic police will be taking up a special drive on the 31st of December. There will be extensive drunk and drive checks and also rash and negligent driving checks all across the city. Stern action will be taken against detractors.