Andhra Pradesh Government Employees SalariesOn Telugu New Year Day (Ugadi), Jagan Government had delivered a shock to Government employees.

Today is the 2nd of April and there are no salaries for them. At the earliest, the salaries may be credited by Monday as tomorrow is a holiday.

There is no money in the government treasury. Somehow, they have managed money for social welfare pensions.

Along with salaries of employees and the pensions of around 3.5 Lakh employees are also delayed.

While the government says the delay is due to some software glitch, there are rumors that the treasury is empty and the government is looking for loans.

The Government needs around 5,000 Crore Rupees for salaries and pensions of retired employees.

The first three days of the new financial year are holidays and there is not much revenue for the government as well.

The government is waiting for Central Government’s nod for taking a loan from the open market.

Government employees are very unhappy about being the last priority to the government but are not showing it up fearing vendetta politics.