New Trend In AP: 'Pay Tax Or Give Your Lands'The cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh Government is trying to squeeze citizens to the last bit to make some bucks.

The officials are trying to impose new taxes and are squeezing citizens to pay the existing taxes.

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The officials in Rajamahendravaram have gone the extra mile and have resorted to blackmailing the citizens.

Flexis have been arranged in various parts of the city to pay the pending vacant land tax.

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“Pay vacant land tax or the Government will take over your lands and construct Secretariats on them,” the messages on the Flexis read.

Government can stop registrations, and impose penalties on defaulters. But if the Government openly threatens citizens of confiscating their lands, it is like lawmakers have come lawbreakers.

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This is the language of Pawn Brokers and certainly not that of a people-elected Government. It’s high time the Government and the officials wake up.